An Ode to our Beloved Father


Divinity manifests in you, Oh our Father!

Your pure love can’t be matched by any other.

You loved us so dearly that we become worthy of you,

Yet you did not expect anything from us, but a few;

That we make you proud being Humane,

And do not get carried away by mundane.

You taught us as to How to be Responsible,

For all the duties that Becon us, we are always able.

You are the chosen one, a direct descent from Him,

A beautiful combination of intelligence and innocence within.

Oh our Father! Why did you leave us so early?

When you were in a position to guide us so perfectly.

You are the embodiment of Love, Strength, and Values,

Which we try to imbibe so that our Sojourn continues.

Oh our Father! You are the immortal one who lives in our hearts for ever,

And  For guiding and inspiring us in our lives, you will fail never.

With Pranam (Salutation) ….

…..your loving Four Sons


5 thoughts on “An Ode to our Beloved Father

  1. Simple, apt and extremely expressive. You just opened up our hearts again and I could not realise when some tears had sneaked out and rolled down my cheeks..

    This is a masterpiece and I will ensure that this poem finds a place at the altar of Baba.

    Thanks a lot Big B

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