Life Journey is a great Teacher with a Purpose; Death is just an interregnum

Life is the greatest teacher

Life is the greatest teacher

We are all going to leave this physical existence some day. No one is immortal. This is the truth. Being born means certain to die. Then the question is why are we born?

It looks tome that we appear in this earth with a purpose. It is just not random occurrence.

I sense that, in most primordial way, only two forms exist.
One , energy and other Matter.
Are we Energy or Matter? Or Mix?

My belief is we are all energies getting manifested in material body for a purpose. Hence there is this concept life cycle. Due to the marriage of Material and Energy, the Energy cannot hook on to the material for ever. Because material has to wither. It has to take different forms. Hence Energy has to move from a material encasement to another till it has affinity to manifest in material form to experience materialism.

Hence the concept of rebirth and soul. The soul is the energy, immortal part and the material is the body the mortal part.

Hence it looks that the body is the vehicle and the soul is the passenger.

Then why does the soul has this affinity to manifest in material form? What is the purpose? Is it just seer enjoyment of being born or there is more to it?

Let us investigate that.

My belief is that the greater purpose of birth is the need for the soul to continuously grow from base direction towards divinity direction.

I am taking these words to make a point. These are two extreme opposite points of the scale. In one scale the physical existence is just to experience physicality and in another extreme it is to evolve so much that the desire for body does not remain. The purpose is achieved.

But, what is this purpose?

It is this gradual progression towards divinity.

The birth allows us to experience life. As animal birth it is highly limited and growth is slow. As human birth a great opportunity exists. It depends what is our tendency, base level of greed, lust, wild and animalistic or evolved level of empathy, servitude and love.

It is a hue. All of us are somewhere in between.

The trick is to be aware and start observing the self. Our bench mark is Higher Self. The day lower self is equal to higher Self, both gets merged.

We need to train our mind and feelings to evolve towards Higher Self. The arena is the life in this earth.

We need to, not only observe our thoughts and tendencies with respect to external triggers , but also actively create our future by changing it in continues mode. Life’s challenges are designed to steer us towards that. Some succeed, some may fail temporarily. No one can escape from growing. In some cases it is hastened and in some it is delayed due to fluctuations in the pace and direction of growth.

Life is a panorama for us to use every opportunity to grow spiritually, not necessarily in religious way but more particularly in Human way. All religions are great forums to learn spiritualism. But at the end it is your individual journey. The paths are different, but destination is same.

When we are born, we have pure Joy in us. The tendencies have not surfaced. As we grow, they take their shape in various forms. From fear, greed, possessiveness, power hungry, lustful to sensible , generous, benevolent and loving. One can be very high on traditional intellect and yet might be still under the grip of base tendencies.. This individual uses intellect in wrong direction to pander to tendencies rather than finding Joys. He soon falls in to vagaries of life and life puts him in a situation where in he or she has to question the usefulness of his or her so called earthly ambitions. The periods of high in terms of elation suddenly looks void. Rather those small moments of Joy in giving, caring, loving, contributing stand out to be more significant. At this inflection point the real journey begins.

Test your track, Sir/ Madam.

Question yourself
1. At what level of growth I am in? Test by looking at your ability to let go, empathise, feel, contribute and connect.
2. How much is your mind getting distracted and affected by external reference?
3. Are you being able to make a difference to others, family, organisation, society, nation and world at large?
4. How are you occupied? Only earning and indulging or seeking and experiencing spiritual joy.
5. Are you being able to get ready for final journey gracefully? Meaning every present moment of yours must enable you a good stepping stone to grow. Is it happening?

You are definitely the embodiment of Source, the Energy. There is no question about that. I will blog on this topic separately.

Our common destination is the same, the Source from where we all,originated. Please question to yourself , every moment, are you preparing yourself worthy of the destination?

if the answer is yes, I guarantee you that you are having a fabulous time; if the answer is no, then it is only a matter of time for you to get into that mode.

Enjoy your Life. Have a fabulous journey.

We are soul brothers or sisters from the same source, capable of same intensity of Joy.

Be aware, keep growing.



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