So He Didn’t Call……

Sooooo true
I fully agree. We are emotional and want attention. We need to be liked , to be loved. Particularly from persons who matter to you…..could be a friend, boss, stranger, relative, own kith and kin…..anyone where we invest our mind space of liking, desiring, wanting etc
We momentarily forget that we are becoming vulnerable..
We need to toughen ourselves


Why didnt he call

So you see him, he sees you.

Your eyes meet and stay affixed upon each other like a moth to a flame.

You give him the once over, he gives you the once over.

Then your eyes meet again.

He walks over and introduces himself. You reciprocate.

After about 10 minutes of casual conversation, he asks for your number and you give it to him.

He said he would call you.  You said okay.

This happens on a Thursday night.

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