Why not Employee First?







imageWe have read so much about A+ catagory of people who make a great place for company to prosper, be it Jack weltch or other authors who write books like “Good to Great” etc.
My contention is that why do we judge human beings in the narrow parameters of corporate performance? All these judgments should be done before onboarding. Once onboarded, we must treat them as golden assets, which they truely are. The potential in them is immense, as in any human being. The entire corporate people process must center round in bringing best in him by
1) recognising him or her as unique
2) celebrating him and her achievements large or small
3) Constantly caring for his or her growth in terms of skill and knowledge thru various interventions which humanly respectful and yet challenging
4) Amply displaying the Attitude of Gratitude for the love qnd care the employee puts into the organisation.

Organisation must show a character of leadership in its people process first, then the leadership in all other processes, whether manufacturing, product development, customer service, sales, finacial management, innovation everything will automaticlly fructify.

It is so simple and yet we don’t realise this. Because we are short termist in nature, profiteering in aspirations, selfish in personal agenda.
We just fail to use corporate process for spiritual upliftment and spiritual jouney. Wealth creation is just like anynoth life process and cannot be separated from human spirit, nay divine spirit which are same.

When one human being becomes master to subject other human beings for self aggrandisement, ego satisfaction, and greed he descends into abyss as he forgets that the situation will reverse for his learning to begin.

Commerce should not blind us , not reduce us to robots, programmed corporate machines with intense intolerance to so called suboptimal performance. At the end we will all perish and leave behind a floundering organisation. It is the celebration of Humanity that will ensure continuity and immortality to the organisation.
It is the character of the organisation that will build brand, not mere products, services and processes. It is the People in the beginning and People in the end. Hence any organisation that puts employee first wins over its competitors.


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