Winning Vs Losing

imageimageimageI have been intrigued by this emotion of winning and losing. I always enjoyed when my team won and at the same time felt pangs of sadness when I saw the emotions of losing fighter.
What is this? Why am I having trouble with this concept of losing and winning?
I am feeling more and more that this is something animalistic, the concept of beating some one.
So Long as both winner and loser are competing to push an envelope for the sake of discovering human potential, the divine manifestation in human being in form of skill, talent, excellence; it is pure joy.
Hence Sumo wrestlers bow to each other before they undertake wrestling. Loser is not lesser mortal. Hence they hug again after the competition is over.
I hate these reality shows in TV, particularly the final episode when the winner gets all the goodies and the loser is dejected on the same platform. The difference is so minuscule that the competitors are almost equal. Yet we get to view two opposing emotions at the same time. Typically my heart goes out to the loser. I have cried many times for both winner and loser. Tears for winner comes from the conquering of odds to reach the pinnacle and tears for loser comes from the sinking feeling that you are there and yet not there. What a paradoxical emotions.
What a gesture will it be if the winner celebrates the winning by sharing the goodies with the loser because the winner wins due to the loser loses, though the intention of the loser was to win as well.
Humanity must win at the end.
We are limited. The winning gives us the high. The feeling of pushing the envelope gives us the glimpse of unlimited. We rejoice. At the same time should we not remind ourselves that we are yet limited.
The lesson is the we are Unlimited soul , limited due to physical caging. Hence , we must pay our obedience to that Unlimited the moment we get the glimpse of Him in form of the talent we exhibit. We must embrace Humanity and let go. Let lose, the moment we win. Love the same competitor whom we beat.
Equanimity is the key.
Stay balanced both in win and loss.
Celebrate win but embrace the loser.
Constantly push the envelop and yet respect the limiting.
The goal is He, the winning and losing are journey.
Win or lose , stay composed


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