My reverence

My Prayer My Life My Journey

My Prayer
My Life
My Journey

Oh my dear Lord! how much I need to
connect with you!!
You know that how precious are those,
though vert few.

You are so magnificent in all your
Leelas and manifestations.
I keep wondering all these
with so much fascinations.

Be it the Nature, the Earth, the Universe
the Humanity at large,
There is no end to the learnings
under your Umbrage.

Oh My Lord! give me the wisdom and courage
to take rightful steps.
So that I can hope for a time to come for me
to merge with Thee with your helps.

Let all the hatred, negativity, ego and intolerance
vanish from my active consciousness.
Let me evolve to a worthy being that belongs
to an all pervasive Super-consciousness.

Oh My Lord! Your guidance and presence
In every moments of mine,
Creates this journey of life
so meaningful and so fine.

May I take this life and journey there in
as offerings at your Lotus feet.
So that I am worth of being an existence
for You and Your treat.

Let this life and Your Blessings provide me
the playground to evolve;
Be it Compassion, Empathy or Servitude
all these virtues make me to involve.

When You are the Creator, Preserver and Destroyer
“All in One” present with us;
Why do we analyse, intellectualise and strategise
with so much of unnecessary fuss?

Oh My Lord! Let me lead a life free of all
worries, anxieties and apprehensions.
With complete faith and surrendering to You
for all above negations.

Let all my acts and reacts emanate
from your noble Guide;
I want to be free from these webs of “Untruth”
prevalent far and wide.


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