A Night to Remember- MIS Dept. (Bajaj Auto Limited)- Camp Bonding@TEMGARH

I am publishing a nice description of a trip by my dept. colleagues.This piece was written by the youngest of the lot..fresh from Engineering college. I published it for you to feel the emotion of a youngster from my team whom I selected to join me only 6 months back. He told me that his hobby is creative writing and I liked his style.

Whole Idea is to create such moments in life, not only with family and friends, but also with colleagues.

Enjoy the reading.

A break from the hustle-bustle of daily life, a time where we as coworkers could spend time together, bonding and learning more about each other, with these agendas in mind the MIS team had a Get-Together at Camp Temgarh for a night to remember and make a sweet memory for all of us to cherish.


Located 30 Kms away from Pune, Camp Temgarh is located near the quaint village Mulshi on the Lavasa Road.  The landscape around the intimate resort is beautiful, surrounded by hills and a lively stream that is close by.

Between luxurious tents in a wonderful amenity, a small ground for playing outdoor games like cricket, football, basketball and a pool table, table tennis for indoor games the facilities are wonderful, the scope for enjoyment is plentiful. The bonfire at night with excellent barbecue is the right stage for a night to remember.   

The energetic and excited MIS Team started from Bajaj Auto at 8:45 AM on a chilly winter morning, as the mist settled down and the sun graced with a warm smile. Picking up members on the way, most of the team headed to the destination on a Tempo Traveler, a few trailing along on personal vehicles. 


The long and winding road trip was a treat by itself, buzzed with the hooting by Ashutosh and the Irshad by Abhay. The team as a whole stumbled around to the destination by 11 AM, swelling with anticipation.

After a short welcome, the team collected together at the Gazebo and after much discussion on a soft drink, the plan was announced and tents were allotted on a lottery.

Sports Activity:

The green field served as the battleground when the group split into two teams for a cricket match under the blazing afternoon sun. The five over match was tense, the team headed by Sarat scoring big with beautiful strokes from Nilesh that never landed inside the boundary, and Sharad proving that his age is not much of a hindrance for taking quick runs. Sachin found himself diving into the dirt while taking a run, unfortunately a long distance away from the crease. But his efforts were well appreciated.

The team headed by Sarat replied strongly, with equal and good contributions by Milind, Mr. Jorapur and Mr. Rathore. The team clinched their victory in no time.

The highlight of the match, of course, was the group collectively working together when the ball fell among the brambles, turning the cricket game into an unexpected scavenger hunt.

Right after lunch, it was time for some relaxing indoor games. Ranjit and Lalit showed their expertise at the pool, rolling the balls perfectly into the holes. 

Riverside adventure

Headed by none other than a well-trained Alsatian, the group marched towards the river, the muddy bank proving to be a challenge to get into. Instead, a daring decision was made to climb up a steep slope and explore the unknown. The climb proved to be a challenge, muddy shoes slipped on the ground and the only supports were the vines, trees with thorn-filled trunks. The tough hike proved to be fruitful, as what awaited was a rocky river bank, perfect for getting in and have an exciting swim in the chilly water.

After the swim, the cool evening felt the right time for another cricket match, this time Ranjit showed magic with his bowling causing Mr. Rathore to fondly nickname him, Muraleedharan.


The night finally settled in, glittering stars decorated the night sky with their shine, a sight rare for the city-dwellers who mostly lived in flats. Bottles of drinks were opened and with a loud cheer, the night to remember had officially begun.  Huddled around the campfire, with a strong music in the backdrop, the group enjoyed their drinks. A relay drinking match, dancing to the music and a hilarious game of Damsharas, all these events contributed to a wonderful night—a night that was definitely worth remembering.

As the clock struck past twelve, the MIS team celebrated the birthday of Mr. Milind Kasture and continued late into the night, collectively singing beautiful Bollywood songs.

Parting Words:

Needless to say, it was an unforgettable night. Bonding with coworkers in a completely different environment was an experience, a relaxation from the hustle-bustle of daily life and a rest from the rush for completing projects and meeting deadlines. The effect this bonding exercise would have on a professional level would be profound too. Pic1 Pic2  Pic4 Pic5 Pic6 Pic7 Pic8 Pic9 Pic10 Pic11 Pic12 Pic13 Pic14 Pic15 Pic16 Pic17 Pic18 Pic19 Pic20 Pic21 Pic22 Pic23 Pic24 Pic25 Pic26 Pic27 Pic30 Pic31


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