Hey! Why are you here? Have you ever questioned yourself?

Why am I born as human being in this earth to my parents and into the environment of social, cultural and economic conditions at the time of my birth?

Was it by a chance occurrence or is there a definite process/ design behind this event/series of events that happened to me or going to happen to me in future?

I am not any saint or mahatma to know this answer. But I have my own understanding and reasoning. Could be stupid to some. Yet I want to share it with you.

My belief is that we create our world. We attract situations, events and happenings to us for the experience that we need so that we can grow from the state that we are into a higher state. The path could be a roller coaster or smooth depending on how we respond.

Basically the experience of life is the essence of living…being born. This body is nothing but an instrument,,I would call a marvelous divine equipment which provides us a means to understand various hues of life.

We are tossed in this river of life, now joyous and next depressed…now happy and next sad. We experience this through the body instrument and the environment we live in. The mind-body combination is like a vehicle with antenna and processor for us store various experiences that we go through and then chose what we would like to associate with.

We re-discover ourselves. We understand what pains us and what gives us joy. We start with our selfish self and see life from the perspective of what I got from it in terms of pleasure and comfort. We deal with our aspirations, frustrations, jealousies, fear, guilt, achievements, joys, happiness, sadness, depression. We start exploring the concept called God or we totally negate this concept. All depends how we respond to life.

As we go through ups and downs, we gradually but surely start understanding the meaninglessness of our selfish pursuit, the short lived pleasures we hanker, the egos the we build as we accumulate so called wealth,knowledge,name and fame.We start getting the feel of impermanent aspects of life. As time starts devouring us, as we start feeling the reality of expiry of this body we start looking for what is worth living for. We start understanding how experiences like service, empathy, fellow-feeling, giving, contributing, loving without condition, connecting, ego-shedding, rising above pain and pleasure, letting go, getting detached, enabling a tranquil mind, and pursuing spiritual path gives more stability, meaning and sense of living rather than aggrandizing, accumulating, pleasure-seeking, ego-building, getting obsessively attached to materialism and sensual pleasures which brings associated pains, depressions and loss of living.

You are living now, what is the guarantee you are living in next moment.

The present is very important and in this present how much humbleness and love you feel in heart is important.

Ultimately you carry emotions and experience with you from life to life, rest you pick from material and give back to material.

Hence, why are you so calculative, future-centrist, self-centered, pleasure-indulgent being getting heavily tossed around? Why not you seek stability & joy through tranquility of mind and emotions of self-less love.

You are here to understand the difference of these two opposite states.

Wishing you happy living…..a-empathy-words 3D Character and Umbrella empathy (1) IF love-does-not-need-to-be-perfect-it-just-needs-to-be-true-facebook-status


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