Judge-mentality to Sensibility…..Have you scrutinised your journey?i

imageimage Dear Folks! I would sincerely like to draw your attention to this topic of judging people or situation on drop of a hat. We find that , continiously, we are engaged in evaluaions. We are evaluating situations, persons, actions, contexts and what not. It seems that our mind is working overtime in being judgemental. When we encounter a negative situation, we quickly jump to a conclusion about what led to that situation or whois to be blamed. Why do we do so? I think it is years of die hard habit…a habit born out of our need to analyse a negative outcome and need to take protective measures.imageimage We, more often than not, conclude that the blame lies outside us. It is somebody else, not me. Hence, correction lies outside me, and protection lies in my actions. We, consequently take wrong actions like ostracising, disassociating, hating, blaming, taking revenge, getting angry or simply ignoring….but not understanding, not loving. Our ego and selfishness forces us into this kind of habit. We are kind of blind. We are blinded by our prejudice, our superficiality, our selfish-love. We are clouded by our intolerance, our strong likes and dislikes created out of influnence, poor undestandingimage and seer lack of sensibilities.imageb The need is to take a step back. Critically look at the situation like an analyst. Step oyutside the system as if you are not part of it. Look for facts and figures. Observe intently. Many a time unspoken, non-verbal communications are very strong communications. Put yourself in the shoes of the person you are evaluating. Feel from others’ perspective. Develop that sensisibility which questions your prejudice , your orientation, your fears, your propensities and then looks for missing angle. Develop empathy and nothing sort of that. Suddenly, you will find that you live in a different world, a world of Love and Beauty. You will understand that living has another meaning. The meaning will outgrow the self-related orientation and evolve into inclusive orientation. You will find that the external entities are nothing but you in different situations and different understandings. You will enjoy your understanding of them and your actions will emanate from your deep empathetic analysis rather than impulsive fragile emotions born out of prejudice and self-centered inclinations. By judging others we lower our nature and by loving we elevate it. I dont mean blind love when I utter Love. The Love is in accepting the divine manifestations and merging into it. Make your Love so powerful that you can never err in understanding…it becomes intuitive, almost instantaneous without any need for any elaborate analysis. Something like a supercomputer. The potetial, the knowledege is already embedded in you. The need is to discover again or uncover it from closed judgementality. It needs intense practice to break free from old habit and a tranquil mind developed through meditative approach to life. These are not repititions from some scripture study. I am not a saint. I have gone through my trials and tribulations. But, whatever little nectar I gathered in this life-expereince, I am sharing. Accept it if you find meaning in it or else discard it out-right. But trying is never harmful. Wishing you a beautiful journey from crass Judge-mentality to refined sensibility.


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