Partnership….the most profound synergy to create magic

I am a movie buff. I will enjoy the Cinematic experience till end of my life on this earth. Of course I chose the movie I see and I am able to spot the good ones thru combination of reviews and my gut feels. 

My wife is just opposite. She does not like movies and hates to be in the lounges of Cinema theaters. Gradually she is getting converted. She partners with me and gradually loves what I love. Same is with me. I hate too much time in shopping and window shopping which she likes most. But gradually I am a convert. Still I hate the expense, though I love her happiness….and expense does not matter any more….within my means of course.

Currently, she enquires whether I have any movie on my mind and I enquire any shopping she is contemplating.

We had an arranged marraige and we had our share of misunderstandings from the beginning. We are contrasts and we have learnt to cope with that. The zing is in the contrast. Though we argue and have our strong mindsets, we strangely support each others’ likes and understand the dislikes. We agree to disagree.

Our partnership has withered many a storms in our lives…some contributed by me, some by her and some by my son….but largely by twists and turns of events dragging us into dispair many a times. 

What finally could sail us thru was our synergy, partnership, fighting together and ofcouese His, the Lord Almighty’s helping hand.

The journey is on..still on…our tests are still on.

I am not speaking anything new. I believe every couple will vouch for similar experience. We are no different.

But this is not experinced by individualistic, egocentric arrogants who can never partner with any one. 

This simple truth was so beautifully described in the Movie Shamitabh. Two talented individuals were handicapped otherwise with contrasting weaknesses. When they come together, the magic happens…world comes to their feet. The success breeds the jealousy between them and they separate. They pursue individual endevours and flop.

By the time they realise their mistake the world has fallen apart for them, and one partner is lost for ever leaving the other with eternal guilt.

I simply loved the movie and enjoyed its music as well…the Piddly number sung by Amitabh Bachhan.

But, most importantly it reminded my partnership journey and I am ever grateful to her for what she has done for me and us in the family.

Wihing you all lovely partnership experiences.


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