Good Evening Dear Friends πŸ˜‡

Recently we find the anger quotient is on rise particularly in public places. Everyone flares on drop of a hat. A fellow traveller in traffic or an auto rickshaw Driver or a roadside Vendor.. almost everyone from a student to a colleague… all are generally in stress and vent out their anger against any small provocation.

A constant self-awareness in this regard is needed to avoid this trap for ourselves.

A winner is invariably differentiated due it his ability to remain cool 😎 in most adverse conditions.

A best way to face is to anticipate and sense it coming and staying calm in case it materialises. Many a time a polite reply and a nice smile 😊 does most of the Job.

But more importantly if one can step back to understand if one is responsible for the flare up ; then one’s reaction changes completely. An ownership of a conflict in hand changes the perspective completely and one can handle the situation in most matured way.

When it’s beyond you, then it is better to take a walk


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