From Consumption to Contribution…A Journey of Empathy

Life teaches us to acquire, aggrandise and consume. It is natural. A sense of gratification is experienced in enjoying wealth and associated pleasures that comes with it.

The journey starts with different levels of gratification. If the life starts with poverty, the basics are not available; where is the question of gratification? On the other hand if you are born into rich household your basics start with gratification. Where is the question of lowering it?

Either way, the focus is on the self…..self preservation to self gratification.

In either way the joy of giving is never experienced. When you give without any expectation, you have trained yourself to parting from clinging. It typically doesn’t come easily. Enhancing Empathy Quotient is very essential before one starts to enjoy giving….unconditional giving.

Without Empathy, the richest man cannot part with a small dime and with Empathy a poor man can give up all that he has.

The degree of empathy is different. We typically display a kind of Empathy when we see beggars and our sense of sinfulness makes us to part with some possession. Can that be called Empathy or condescending behaviour? Make your call. I believe it is condescending and condescending is a type of gratification. A feeling of superiority.

When giving is spontaneous, from heart and with absolutely no attachment it is pure Empathy and Love.

Empathy and Love for own kith and kin is spontaneous. The joy of giving is experienced at home. But kids grow out and leave home in their life journey.

And that joy wants expression again and again. This is the time to step out, extend out and reach out to those whose basic needs can be fulfilled by your little contribution. As you step out to the world of unconditional giving you step into the world of Joy of Empathy.

With advancing age, this desire for connecting with unknown increases in case one is into the habit of experiencing the joy of giving. The choice each one of us have to make and experience.

If you don’t give while living, you are forced to give while leaving.

Why not experience joyful living while living than never to experience it till leaving?


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