Living the Dreams

Do I wake up to a dream or sleep into a dream ? When I wake up to a Dream, I have hope in heart, fire in belly, excitement in mind. When I sleep into a dream, I have a wish in mind. In fact the day dreams won’t allow me to sleep till I materialise it. Living a life for fulfilment of dream is worth the journey as much worth the achievement. Every moment is filled with a purpose. It is being born everyday.

Do I wake up to a nightmare? Do I live in constant fear? Living the life of nightmare is dying daily

I had my share of living the dreams and living the nightmares. Who doesn’t have? But when I look back on nightmares, a pattern emerges

1. You have less believe on yourself.

2. You compromise your comfort to buy peace.

3. You are scared of financial misfortune and continue to succumb to oppression

4. You lack assertiveness

Only when one overcomes all these limiting thoughts , and fears one develops wings to fly. The limiting thoughts frustrates you. You tend to blame it on others and you play a victimised card. A temporary buying of tactical defeat for a full belief on timing the exit to a brighter spot is ok. But being foolish to wait for some lucky day is utterly stupid.

A sense of loss of self esteem is living a suicide on daily basis.

We are born free and freedom is our birth right. I may be a sweeper who sweeps public road daily, but I live for a purpose and I live with self esteem. I have a dream and that dazzles my eye constantly.

The terms and conditions of my life will be written by me and agreed by me. Everything else emanates from that.

When one lives for fulfilling his dreams, he dares all obstacles. He is ready to give up present for future. He unshackles himself from bondage preventing himself from his dream.

Living for dream gives that power which one cannot have in ordinary living.

You face failures to rise again. You achieve small victories on daily basis. You assert your place on earth. You are your secret superstar.

Those who help you realise your dream, those who constantly boost your morale no matter how much set back you have faced, those who rejoice with gay abandon at your success no matter how big or small are your true friends.

For me my entire family had been a true pillar of strength for me at all stages. It started with mother in my childhood and expanded to my father during youth, to my wife in my corporate journey, to my son during some moments of questions. I am lucky to have a supportive family who still fans the fire of my dream.

I could feel the same emotions when I saw the movie ” Secret Superstar”.

There is a secret superstar in each of us.

We need to just shed our inhibitions and assert ourselves living our dreams.

You are born on daily basis and live every moments of your life

There is no room for desperation, only headroom for growth

Leave the fear behind, live the dream forward.

No matter where I am, I am part of this cosmos, I have my place carved out by me with my partnership with Him.


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